About Us

About El's Fitness

In 2015 El’s Fitness was founded as an independent personal training service based in gyms across South-East London. Within a space of just two years, El’s Fitness guided, inspired and motivated clients ranging in age, gender, fitness level and medical conditions. El’s Fitness’s key principles of training is to provide guidance, knowledge and support for individuals that want to make a positive change in their lifestyle using only the healthiest methods. 

Our exclusive class & personal training studio provides quality sessions for all. We do not discriminate between age, gender or ability, every individual has their own starting point and our doors are open for everyone wanting to learn, progress and enjoy fitness. 




Personal Trainer

El’s Fitness Studios consists of not one, not two, but three studio spaces.

Studio One – our main studio space for classes and group personal training. Classes of maximum 10 participants can comfortably train with our instructors.

Studio Two – our primary 1-1 personal training space. This studio is our fully equipped weights room and a perfect intimate space for one client and the trainer.

Studio Three – our most recent addition to El’s Fitness. Similarly to studio 2 the room will be well equipped with weights and provide enough floor space for any cardiovascular training involved!