Class Passes

Class Pass Bundles

At El's Fitness Studios we offer a variety of fitness classes formatted as 'group training' rather than choreographed routines. We have chosen this format for our classes as variety in movement and any fitness class is necessary to keep the mind engaged. Doing different routines is exciting and prevents boredom. To ensure physical progression, variety is crucial as your body needs to be challenged on a consistent basis and overcome plateau. Our aim is to see our clients progress AND learn how to execute exercises correctly at the same time.

Our class pass options offer access to all classes at our facility. Purchase a bundle below.

5 Class Passes
£10.50/per class
10 Class Passes
£9.85/per class
20 Class Passes
£7.50/per class

**Please note a 6 month expiry after purchase date. Full Terms & Conditions can be found via our online Mindbody store.**