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El’s Fitness have designed a bespoke personal training experience to ensure clients receive the most efficient, most effective service possible. The ability to chose between trainers not only allows clients to experience variety but also broadens schedule availability. For El’s Fitness, as much as providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere is vital, it is most important to prevent a plateau in training by slipping into “the comfortable zone”.

“Personal training involves much more than the 60 minutes you spend physically training a client. Session planning, meal plans, exercise programmes, client assessments, goal setting, the paperwork can be endless! Our system ensures the quality of service remains at a high level. A 1-1 personal training service for us is providing support, knowledge & guidance for our clients whenever we can, not just for the duration of an appointment.”   – Els

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The 12 week programme designed by El's is amongst our clients favourite personal training bundles. This programme is excellent for clients that struggle to monitor their own progress, stick to a schedule and push beyond their comfort zone.

El's Fitness emphasises this is NOT a 'transformation' programme but one that will introduce you to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

The programme will include;
– 1-1 Personal Training X3 p/w (with optional trainers)
– Nutritional Guidance
– 7 Day Custom Meal Plan
– Progress images taken at week 1, 6 & 12
– Anthropocentric measurements at week 1, 6 & 12


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12 Week Programme Testimonials

“Just finished a 12 week programme with Els. This has been undoubtedly a truly worthwhile experience, changing my attitude to my lifestyle choices, totally exceeding my expectations and more than reaching my goals. Importantly Els pushed me to challenge myself and see what I could achieve. I am energised, so much leaner and very happy! Soon to set a new goal and go back for more.” – Lynette P.

“I have been training with Els for just over 12 weeks, with weight gain and toning being my main goals. I have seen amazing results which I believed were impossible. Through consistent and positive encouragement, she trained my attitude as well as my body. In a short time, I gained confidence to walk into a gym and lift weights…facing the mirror. Els installed that confidence. She is the perfect combination of tough (“you are KILLING me!) and warm (“You are doing SO well!). Els works with the whole person; mentally, emotionally and physically. I now have incredible energy, and my balance and flexibility have improved immensely. She quietly discovered the athlete in me that I never knew existed. Thank you Els, you’re the best!!” – Client E.

“I hadn’t been to a gym in over 30 years before I met Els, and at the age of 57 I am now a regular at the gym. I originally did 6 months with Els, 3 Times a week. It was a challenging and enjoyable experience and with the help of Els I have gained core strength, fitness, better posture and confidence, which I couldn’t have achieved by myself. She pushed me beyond my limits, educating me in overall health, fitness and diet with her vast knowledge. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her, it was the best investment I could have made!” – Kevin L.


“I was rather nervous embarking on personal training sessions as I hadn’t done any regular exercise for about 5 years. I needn’t have worried at all though, Els puts you at ease right from the introductory session and as a result I booked onto the 12 week programme. Els is able to successfully walk a fine line between pushing you hard at every session whilst still making it enjoyable. One of the things I have been most impressed with is Els’ emotional intelligence, put simply she is able to pick up on your mood that day and adapt to get the very best out of you on each session. In 12 weeks I was able to lose weight, get fitter and improve my posture and immediately booked in for another 12 weeks! Thank you Els, I really appreciate all your hard work.” – Client NC.

Programme Results