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Avid Media Composer | First

Avid Media Composer First is primarily used to piece video

segments together, to arrange them, and to process them. It is best used

as a multimedia editing program for videos and music tracks alter the final cut

with things such as colour tools, layered sound tracks, skewing tools,

speed tools and so forth.
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(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Knit your video files together and edit the final product

One of the most noticeable features about the Avid Media Composer First

program is that it allows you to hold five pieces of video in one place

at the time, which means you may load five pieces of video into the

program and use them in your project and discard them when you have

finished. The five pieces of video do not have to be the same video or

file type. Start with their rough cutting tools, and finish with their

editing tools that help you knit the pieces of video together. Change

and alter the video as you see fit, such as increasing the lighting,

making the video less shaky, altering the colour, changing misaligned

shots and so forth. The advanced tools allow you to keep track of the

video files you are using and have used, and you may arrange and sort

your clips using meta data too. The music mixing, cutting and editing

tools are also very groovy, and they merge seamlessly with the video

editing ;

A complex and unintuitive piece of software

Avid Media Composer First has a series of editing tools that allow you to knit your video files together. There are quite a few tools, but that doesn’t pose the biggest problem. The biggest problem for most is that each tool has numerous features and adjustable settings. As a result, the interface looks very confusing and unintuitive. Even people who have experience with video-editing software may find the interface and usability a little daunting. You will have to slowly grow accustomed to what each tool does and how it affects your final product. On the plus side, there is a function where you may see what the original clip looked like and what the altered clip looks like. You are able to see them side-by-side, which helps you learn what each tool does and how much of an effect it has on your ;Suitable for editors on a budget

Avid Media Composer First is

not state-of-the-art, and it is not as complex or detailed as some

professional editing programs, but it is a good video and music editor.

It is a fantastic intermediate and semi-professional tool, and it

certainty beats most of its free competitors in the realms of

ease-of-use and interface usability. The tutorials on offer are okay,

but professional video editors may demand more control and customization

options. If you have used the tool for a few months and you consider

yourself an expert in the use of the tool, then you may be able to edit

and finish your videos and music tracks a little quicker than if you use

one of its free competitors. It is fair to say that the tool is

streamlined in a way that suits semi-professionals. It may also be used

as a creative tool if you are looking to generate creative-looking



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